Services - Whole House

Music and Intercom Systems

Protech Security offers a variety of different intercoms for any size home. We have intercoms that can play music throughout your home and answer the front door. We can connect your intercom system to open the front door from any station in your home.

With our systems, you are able to access your intercom with your smart phone to listen to your favorite music either in one room or throughout your home.

Whole House Audio

Over the last several years, the demand has grown for centrally located systems that distribute audio to rooms in your home or business. Listen to different music from one easy-to-use system.

We are well-equipped to offer multi-room audio designed to deliver crystal-clear audio throughout your home or office at an exceptional value.

Our systems allow our clients to spend more time relaxing, and less time hassling with complicated audio systems. An easy-to-operate user interface provides one-touch control over the entire system.

Intercom Systems

We offer a wide range of intercom packages designed to provide effortless communication. We take into account design and style considerations by installing attractive face plates that blend into a home decor.

Communicate in your home like never before. Whether you are broadcasting to everyone that supper is ready or simply using the selective call feature to give an individual a detailed message, you can do so with ease.

The intercom systems we install are simple and user friendly. At the same time, they are fully capable of integrating with other systems such as a whole house audio system.